1. Server.MapPath

  • Server.MapPath(".") returns the current physical directory of the file (e.g. aspx) being executed
  • Server.MapPath("..") returns the parent directory
  • Server.MapPath("~") returns the physical path to the root of the application
  • Server.MapPath("/") returns the physical path to the root of the domain name (is not necessarily the same as the root of the application)

  • 2. Request 에서 경로 : http://www.west-wind.com/weblog/posts/132081.aspx

    Request Property Description and Value
    ApplicationPath Returns the web root-relative logical path to the virtual root of this app.
    PhysicalApplicationPath Returns local file system path of the virtual root for this app.
    PhysicalPath Returns the local file system path to the current script or path.
    All of these return the full root relative logical path to the script page including path and scriptname. CurrentExcecutionFilePath will return the ‘current’ request path after a Transfer/Execute call while FilePath will always return the original request’s path.
    AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath Returns an ASP.NET root relative virtual path to the script or path for the current request. If in  a Transfer/Execute call the transferred Path is returned.
    PathInfo Returns any extra path following the script name. If no extra path is provided returns the root-relative path (returns text in red below). string.Empty if no PathInfo is available.
    RawUrl Returns the full root relative URL including querystring and extra path as a string.
    Url Returns a fully qualified URL including querystring and extra path. Note this is a Uri instance rather than string.
    UrlReferrer The fully qualified URL of the page that sent the request. This is also a Uri instance and this value is null if the page was directly accessed by typing into the address bar or using an HttpClient based Referrer client Http header.
    Control.TemplateSourceDirectory Returns the logical path to the folder of the page, master or user control on which it is called. This is useful if you need to know the path only to a Page or control from within the control. For non-file controls this returns the Page path.

    ResolveUrl 은 Page 에서만 사용가능하고 핸들러에서는 지원 안한다고 한다.
    즉 핸들러에서 처리할  url에 "~" 못 쓴다는 것인가..

    위의 내용외에 보다 많은 내용이 http://www.west-wind.com/weblog/posts/132081.aspx 에 언급되고 있다.

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